If you’ve ever researched your family tree, you’ve probably been able to trace your ancestors back several generations. You’ve probably also found that the further back you go, the less you know about the people that you find. In as little as a couple of generations the past becomes shrouded.

In generations to come, how will you be remembered? Will it be the snatches of anecdotes passed on by relatives, or will you leave a detailed and coherent portrait of the way you want to be remembered?

A Biography offers two simple, but powerful benefits:

  1. The ability to create your own LifeStory based on the stories that you want to tell.
  2. The means to persist the LifeStory for the benefit of generations to come.

Creation can be a daunting task. How do you collate the memories of a lifetime; gather together all of the information from an increasingly distributed digital footprint? LifeStories Studio will allow you to consolidate all of your anecdotes, photos, videos, social media posts and chats into a people and time-centric package that can easily be shared with others.

The second obstacle is time. How do you persist this record for future generations to uncover?

LifeStories is the solution to both problems. On the one hand it will provide the tools and structure to allow users to organise the information that they want to leave behind. On the other, it will utilise blockchain technology and persistent storage to provide the physical environment to retain the data.