An anthology is the record of a body of work created by a person or persons, or a collection of materials related to a particular subject. It could be the complete works of a singer or band, a collection of movies, a historical event or period, or just about anything.

The use of LifeStories to create anthologies has potential to be the most disruptive application of the technology.

Media ownership has been in decline for many years faced with the widespread adoption of streaming services. Blu-Ray disks respresented the high water mark of physical media, but the digital equivalent of a complete box set is only one component of what could be included in an anthology. Consider the possibility of having all of the recorded works, and live performances of an artist in a single package. Think about the complete filmography of a major actor available at the tap of a button. This and much more is possible with a LifeStory anthology.

Clearly, the digital rights involved in such a product are not trivial, but the evolution of these anthologies into stand-alone NFTs has the potential to reignite media ownership in a way that few would have foreseen.